More About Blue Ox Village


Workshops for the public and Youth Programs

After serving hundreds of young people over several decades we are currently expanding our programs to serve a wider range of schools and the public. Our students benefit from classes in many traditional arts including woodworking, blacksmithing, ceramics, fabric arts, lapidary work and stained glass making. Returning alumni report that their time at Blue Ox gave them the foundation to reach for and find success in their lives. 


Veterans Program

Our first Veterans' project, the building of the replica Lincoln Hearse, was an amazing success in many regards. The Hearse itself is a site to behold, but the impact it had on our team of veterans was profound in the healing and bonding that occurred. We are currently trying to raise funds to get our Veteran Program up and running again. Your support brings this to life!


The Hollenbecks

Pretty awesome!

Viviana Hollenbeck "Blue Ox in Depth"

Past, present, and future from Blue Ox co-founder Viviana Hollenbeck